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We are pleased to announce TWO LUA (canine normal uric acid) breedings for 2018.  In LITTER NO. 1, one parent is homozygous for the LUA gene so all of the puppies are LUA.  In the other litter, one parent will be heterozygous for the LUA gene so we expect that half of that litter will be LUA.

We will update this page as breedings take place and puppies are born.  We are very excited about both of these litters!!


                               SUMMER LITTER NUMBER 2, 2018

Our heterozygous low (normal) uric acid male, GCh Proctor's Sundial NU Revolution (Rocky) was bred to Southern Charm of Gateway Farm (Dixie). Dixie has a strong international pedigree bringing in lines from Croatia. Puppies were born on July 27th.  Dixie presented us with 12 puppies --  9 boys and 3 girls.  All pups are bi-lateral hearing.  3 HUA boys, 6 LUA boyss; 2 HUA girls, 1 LUA girl.

                           SUMMER LITTER NUMBER 1, 2018

GCh Trailspotter N Summit's Big Slick (Costner) has been bred to our homozygous low (normal) uric acid female, Proctor's Starlit NU Jewel (Sapphire).  7 beautiful and healthy LUA puppies, 4 males and 3 females, were born on July 17th.  
Purple Girl
45 Day Photo Shoot
7 Week Stacked Photos
Pink Girl
Red Girl
Purple Girl
Green Boy
Brown Boy
Tie Dye Boy
Yellow Boy
Grey Boy
Orange Boy
Black Boy
Blue Boy
Light Orange Boy
Pink Girl