Proctor Dalmatians
Quality Since 1967

We do not have many litters, but those we do have are very carefully planned and are always consistent with our clear set of priorities:

Temperament.  All of our puppies are first and foremost family pets, be they obedience, performance, conformation show dogs, or any combination thereof.  Our first criteria for breeding is a stable, fun-loving temperament.  A dog that can be trusted with people and other dogs, yet is still protective of his space and home.  A good temperament is mentioned more often in the AKC Standard for the Dalmatian than any other single point, and lack of a good temperament is a major fault.

Health.  We take the health of our dogs and puppies very seriously.  Both Eva and Ken have been chair of the Dalmatian Club of America Health and Research Committee for a total of over 12 years.  Both Eva and Ken have served as President of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation whose primary charter is protecting the health of our breed.  All of the dogs that we breed have been screened for genetic diseases and listed in open registries.  It is heartbreaking and a great financial burden to have a Dalmatian that is stricken with urinary stones, hip dysphasia, or other diseases.  We do our best to make sure your puppy is and will be as healthy as possible.

Conformation.  We always hope to produce dogs that are superb specimens of the breed and that can compete at the highest levels of dog show competition.  Our breedings are designed to produce dogs that most closely follow the AKC Standard for the Dalmatian.  We have been most fortunate to have produced over 85 AKC Champions and many obedience title holders.  However, we know that in each litter, there are typically one to three puppies that are top show prospects, one or two that have cosmetic or structural conditions that would exclude them from the show ring, and the balance fall somewhere in between. 

We think that a "Proctor Puppy" is something very special, and finding the perfect home for each one is our first concern.  You will be making a 12 to 14 year commitment, and your decision to purchase a pup should be very carefully considered.

What do we expect from you?  First and foremost, a loving caring home -- a home where the Dalmatian will be a part of the family.  We will be asking a lot of questions.  Why do you want a puppy in general, and a Dalmatian in particular?  Do you have a fenced yard?  How Large?  Do you have children living at home?  How many, and what ages?  Have you had dogs before?  What breeds?  Where will your dog sleep at night? Where will he be during the day when you are at home, and when you are not home?  What are your family's major hobbies?

What can you expect from us?  First and foremost, a healthy, well-bred puppy that we hope will share the wonderful temperament and qualities of his parents.  All of our puppies have their dewclaws removed, are checked for worms if necessary, are DNA tested, are BAER hearing tested, are microchipped, and may have had their first shot.  Each puppy has been seen by a veterinarian twice before he departs to his new home.  

We will always be available to answer questions and give advice as long as you own the dog.  If you have purchased a show potential puppy, we will be available to mentor you for your Dal's show career, and we will provide advice and guidance if you decide to breed your quality Dal.  We will want to stay in touch.

What does a Proctor Puppy cost?  Puppies are priced at $2,500 for all commitments made after January 1, 2021. Puppies that will not be used as part of a breeding program will be sold outright to their new owner.  The puppies that have breeding and show potential may be sold on a co-ownership with us. 

Most of our puppies are spoken for before they are born.  Therefore, we do accept deposits.  The $200 deposit goes towards the purchase price of the pup and determines your priority in selecting your pup.  With your deposit, you state your preferences -- price range, color (black or liver, lightly or heavily marked), sex, etc.  The more general your criteria, the better chance there will be a puppy for you.  You will then pick your puppy in the order of our receipt of your deposit when the litter is about 7 to 8 weeks old.  If we do not have a puppy that meets your specification, we will refund your deposit, or you can move it to a future litter.  We are making a commitment to you, and you to us.  We do not refund deposits if you change your mind or purchase a puppy elsewhere.
We do not have any litters planned at this time.  Please check back from time to time to learn of future plans. 

In addition, we are always happy to refer prospective puppy owners to other breeders across the United States that share our commitment to health and temperament.