Our Boys 
Proctor Dalmatians
Quality Since 1967
We currently have SEVEN wonderful males available for breeding to approved females:

    Ch Proctor's Hi-Ho Cheerio, CD, Ditto

    Ch Proctor's Dappled Hi-Flyer, Maverick

    Ch Proctor's Dappled Doppler, Radar

    CH Proctor's Sundial NU Revolution, Rocky (LUA)

    Proctor's Brave NU World, Huxley (LUA)

    CH Proctor's NU Kid In Town, Buddy (Homozygous LUA)

    Moon River J.G.H., Gunner (LUA)

Please contact us for complete breeding records and any other information on our boys.  


Mav's Pedigree
Ditto's Pedigree

Ch Proctor's Dappled Hi-Flyer, Maverick, was the No. 1 Dalmatian during 1991, 1992 and 1993, and his record stands as one of top winning Dalmatians of all time.  He has produced over 35 AKC Champions and numerous performance title holders.  We are fortunate to have frozen semen available from this outstanding example of his Breed.

Ch Proctor's Dappled Doppler, Radar, is the dog we would like to clone.  He is passing his wonderful disposition to his offspring, and he tends to produce beautiful marking patterns.  He exhibits absolutely correct breed type.  We have frozen semen available.

Radar's Pedigree

Ch Proctor's Hi-Ho Cheerio, CD, Ditto, offers outstanding bone and substance.  He is a combination of American, English and Australian lines and has produced wonderful soundness and health.  We have frozen semen available. 

Buddy's Pedigree

Gunner's Pedigree
Ch Proctor's NU Revolution, Rocky, is co-owned with Mary Moore and bred by Eva and Mary.  We are proud to offer this excellent LUA Dal at stud.  Pictured at 8 months, he finished his AKC Championship at 9 months of age.  He has made a very positive contribution to the breed, and has AKC Champion get.
Huxley's Pedigree
Proctor N Esquire's Brave NU World, Huxley, is owned by us and Barbara Greenspan, and was bred by the two of us.  He is a proven sire and has produced beautiful puppies.  His strong boning, beautiful proportions and dramatic angles make him an excellent example of the breed.   
Rocky's Pedigree
Ch Proctor's NU Kid In Town, Buddy, finished his AKC Championship in 7 shows with 4 majors, two Best of Breeds and a Group placement from the puppy class, and a Specialty win; all by 12 months of age.  Buddy is a homozygous LUA and has a terrific, fun-loving disposition.  He is just starting his career at performance events.
Moon River J.G.H, Gunner, is co-owned with Bonnie Hetherington in Canada.  Gunner's pedigree combines outstanding American, Brazilian and Argentinian dogs.  He is a Maverick grandson, and reminds us in many ways of this great dog.  He is just starting his confirmation and performance careers.